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Iron Man - Character Guide/Review

Iron Man was one of the original 37 characters were added to Marvel Future Fight in its global release. Iron Man is an iconic character in the MCU and is an original member of the Avengers.
From the in game bio:
Wounded, captured and forced to build a weapon by his enemies, billionaire industrialist Tony Stark instead created an advanced suit of armor to save his life and escape captivity. Now with a new outlook on life, Tony uses his money and intelligence to make the world a safer, better place as Iron Man.
Basic Information


Active Skills

Going around the normal attack button from right to left.
Skill 3: Unibeam (unlocks at 3★), base cooldown time 9 seconds.
Tony shoots a beam out of his chest . It's super simple and provides Tony with 1 guard hit for 2 seconds and at max level gives him 5 guard hits for 3 seconds. This isn't his most damaging skill but helps with his survivability when your in a pickle. It also pushes him back so it provides you some movement to get away from an attack.
Skill 1: Repulsor Blast (unlocks at 1★),base cooldown time 8 seconds.
Tony does a punch to his enemies then stops and shoots 1 blast. This is his least damaging skill and least useful skill. It only has a place in Shadowland but is also used in World Boss. Does decent damage but nothing special.
Skill 2: Crash Landing (unlocks at 1★),base cooldown time 7 seconds.
Tony leaps up and slams his fist down on the enemy. This is an i-frame but when Tony hits the ground he can still be hit so it has to be used carefully. Good skill with decent damage.
Skill 4: Missle barrage (unlocks at 5★),base cooldown time 15 seconds.
Tony fly's up, flips in mid air and shoots missles from himself and slams his fist down leaving a stun. This is his best skill in his kit. It's an i-frame, deals great damage and gives him safety. It makes him do damage while being safe and great for every mode.
Skill 5: The One-Off (unlocks at 6★),base cooldown time 20 seconds.
Tony shoots beams out of his hands . He spins and shoots 2 login beams out of his hands. This skill is so a full I frame and it does decent damage also. Great for any mode .
His skills are based off his Civil War uniform.
For those who don't have it and have neither or the other 2 the changes are minor
Age of Ultron , Secret Wars , Classic .
Skill 2: Repulsor Ray (unlocks at 2★),base cooldown time 7 seconds.
Tony shoots 2 blasts from his hands to make a half circle. Although this skill isn't an iframe it deals decent damage and is good for Shadowland.
Secret Wars:
Skill 3 Unibeam (unlocks at 3★),base cooldown time 9 seconds.
Instead of shooting a beam out of his chest Tony shoots 2 beams, one from each hand and gives him the guard but doesn't give him the pushback.

Skill Rotation

4-5-3-1-2 is the best rotation for him. It's great for World Boss and Shadowland
You can also do 3-1-4-2-5 as it's more safe but there is less damage in the begging.

Passive Skills

Passive: Precision Aim (unlock at 4★)
 *Applies to: Self *Increases by +5% of Energy Attack. 
This isn't a #Terrible passive but not the best. If it was bumped to 15 to 30 percent it would be an amazing passive and at least it's not a chance at doing something.
Leadership: Genius Level Intellect
 *Applies to: All Allies *Decrease Skill Cooldown by 24%. 
This is not a very good leadership. It is pretty outdated and someone as iconic in the MCU deserves better than this. It isn't the worst because it's very helpful for new players who don't have the best cards and can't get into a high level alliance so is very helpful and useful for World Boss.
Tier 2 Advancement: Evasive Maneuvers
 *Applies to Self *Increases Skill damage by 42% and Bonus Damage by 30% 
This gives him a #HUGE boost in damage and makes him great. It is not needed for him to preform but it is amazing and he is definitely worth it. He is not a priority but when you have the main ones you should get him.


 Regular Gears 
Gear | Name | Base stat 1 | +20 Bonus | Base stat 2 | +20 Bonus | Base stat 3 | +20 gears | Base stat 4 | +20 Bonus | Option 1 | Options 2-8
:-- | :--: | :--: | :--: | :--: | :--: | :--: | :--: | :--: | :--: | :--: | --:
1 Repulsors EnergyAttack +728 SkillCooldown +513 EnergyAttackbyLV EnergyAttack/AllAttacks
2 Iron Man Armor-Mark46 Energy Defense +617 PhysicalDefense +351 EnergyDefensebyLV AllDefense
3 ArcReactor HP +2465 IgnoreDefense +561 HPperLV HP
4 Friday CriticalRate +1074 Dodge +513 IgnoreDefense IgnoreDefense
He has absolutely no need for skill cooldown on his fourth gear. Using his leadership will get you to max skill cooldown easily and the gear should go to boosting his damage. If you can max his ignore defense through his Obelisk or cards then roll Critical Rate or Critical Damage.
 __Special Gear:__ 
Iron Man isn't really needed for ABX so he doesn't need a damage proc but you can go a couple of ways.
For fixed stats:
*To maximize his damage you should get an Ignore Defense obelisk to cap it. You should only get one if you don't cap it through cards. Otherwise there are more options. *Another good option would be Critical Rate and/or Critical Damage. This will further boost his damage and is good for him as long as your Ignore defense is capped. *Max HP is good for him if your looking to go PVP with him and can make him more health that will help him last longer in battle.
For procs:
*An OK option would be Increase damage by x% proc to boost Tony's damage especially when it procs on his 4th skill make him do Amazing damage. *Invincibility (3 seconds and above) or MAX HP recovery are much more useful for Iron Man to make him more tanky and is useful for him due to him not being an ABX champ.He can do better in AC with an Invincibility proc and a recovery proc.
The best Uru for Tony would be 2 Energy Attack, 2 HP/Critical Damage and one Skill cooldown or Ignore defense till you reach the cap.


I would definitely recommend going for an attack set for Tony. His DPS is good and an attack will further that making him hit harder. Any of the 3attack sets are good for Tony. Power of Angry Hulk gives attack speed which he does not need because of his long skill cooldown on his skills and it makes his skills end quick. Hawkseye gives him dodge and skill cooldown which he doesnt need because of his leadership and his good survivability. Overdrive is best for him because it gives him all offensive stats but this is one of 2 hardest sets to roll. Keep any one of them if you roll them.
I wouldn't go for a heal set because they are out of date and don't proc often. If you land on IAAG I would keep it due to its rarity but if it's stark backing reroll for sure.
Both Drastic Density Enhancement and Binary Power are good for him to because they provide attack stats and give you a shield if you mess up. Keep either of these if you roll them.


Iron Man being one of the most iconic characters in the marvel cinematic universe has many team ups and some are very good.
These are his best team ups because two of them are damage boosting and 2 boost his defense.
Tony benefits from an attack leadership so if you use him in a team with Ironheart use her lead to catapult his damage.
Here's my Build and my Card Stats.
I am currently using Power of Angry Hulk with 6 star isos. My obelisk is ITGB with 140% damage proc.
I have 2 ,4 star Energy attack uru and 2 , 4 star CRIT damage uru on gears.
I haven't put many resources into Iron Man and he performs very well. Uru isn't needed and an Invincibility Obelisk and would work better.
__Story Mode/Special Missions__ 
Tony isn't a speed clearer. He can do 10-8 in an average of 40-45 seconds and there are much better options. You should use a faster clearer like t2 Elsa/ T2 Unworthy Thor or Wolverine/Odin/Proxima.
I haven't tried him in special missions since he doesn't do well in story it'll be harder in specials.
Villain Siege
He can clear all 3 stages easily. Both at t1 and T2.
Timeline is a mode dominated by the likes of native t2s such as Dr Strange, Odin, Jean Grey, Dormammu, Wolverine and others character like Destroyer with his reflect, Broot with his annoying heal, Wasp with her debuff removal,Starog being a guest of honor native t2 and can take down almost anyone.
Tony can hold his own against non meta and he has taken down Thor, Proxima, Corvus. He has even taken down Dr Strange, Wasp, Starog, and Odin once or twice. He won't be the king of timeline by a long shot but if he is your only t2 he can be in your TL team.
He shines in this mode. For me he gets 140k to 180k and can take 1st place most of the time unless your dealing with a burst damage dealing character.
This is not a mode I use him in due to there being Dr Strange, Wasp, Starog, Yellowjacket,and Jean Grey he doesn't really have a place here but he can do well with his iframes and guard. He just won't be a King in this mode.
Alliance Battle:
Tony is not the fastest or safest clearer but he can clear alliance battle easily. He took it down in 6 or 7 minutes but he can do it. I'll upload a video when I can.
Extreme Alliance Battle is dominated by Dr Strange and Iron Man has no place here due to his lack of cc.
World Boss:
Proxima is a piece of cake for Iron Man and he can do it within a minute.
Black Dwarf is easy to medium difficulty because of his bleed effect but Iron Man can do if you play carefully or have debuff removal/Healing Character.
Corvus was easy to and he did it without strikers, without an ignore dodge Obelisk or ignore dodge lead.
Supergiant was another piece of cake. She just fell easily but you have to watch out for the lasers.
Ebony is an iframe bitch but he took it down easily also. He just had problem with Iframes but he wasn't too hard to take down.
Thanos was very easy. You just need to learn his pattern and you can get it easily. The meteors weren't a problem at all.
Ithanos was difficult to get because I did it without Strikers and he took a couple of tries but once I got the rotation down it was done.
I'll upload videos of each. It's just that my phone glitched out with my screen recording app but I'll get it to work and update this with videos soon.
This is a mode where Tony excels in. You name it, he can do it.
He has done for me:
*Combat rumble *Combat Relay *Rocket Raccoon Boss *Male hero Relay *Loki Boss *Fire Relay *Carnage Boss *Venom Boss *Luke Cage
I have yet to try him against Daredevil and the GOTG stage but I'm confident he can do Daredevil. I'll try to upload the videos within the week because of the same video reason. His great damage and survivability make him AWESOME for Shadowland.
Iron Man is a good character who can do a lot of modes. He can be amazing in shadowland and co op and can clear alliance battle and perform in Timeline if needed. His most overlooked strength is his movement speed. - GuitarLord12 . I couldn't agree more. This makes him great for World Boss, allowing him to kite during his skill cooldown.
He isn't the KING of any mode. He doesnt have the highest damage or the best defense. He was just my first t2 and I have always loved the character. He has weaknesses like very high cooldown time on his 4 and 5 skill but that can be changed. He can also be helpful in AC and he has been great after his rework.
I hope this gives some insight on an Iconic character who went from zero to hero. I was one who regretted t2ing him but now I'm glad to have him as a t2 and I embrace it.
I'll upload the videos within this week and next week.
This is my first guide so please tell me how it was and if there are any mistakes I can fix.
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New location for August meeting only!

Check out this @Meetup with Michigan!/usgroup – UNIX/Linux users in Farmington Hills Next talks: IoT, and Unicode
August 8th, 2017 - MUG Meeting
Regular MUG Meeting
NOTE: We are meeting at a new location this month. We're at the Farmington Library (23500 Liberty St, Farmington, MI 48335). We will resume our normal location next month.
Directions are at the bottom of this event and on the website ( and this post
We meet at 6:30pm on the second Tuesday of each month at the Farmington Community Library.
Topics Include:
Ever have these happen to you?
"I just finished a sweet new web application! All I need to do is push it to Heroku and I'm ready to go. But wait; the buildpack blew up with a "no such file or directory" error! WTF?!? It works perfectly locally; what gives?"
"I have a pesky terminal issue. Every time I ssh to my Ubuntu server the man page output is partially garbled. And don't even try launching a curses/TUI application - they look god-awful. Of course if I login to the server locally, everything is fine."
"Sometimes I'll open files from my Windows server with my Python applications and the contents are gibberish - like looking at a binary file in a text editor. Then there's that recurring problem with copy and paste from web pages. I'm taking an online course. The instructor has examples which I copy and paste into my code. Then why I try to execute I get these off-the-wall errors. I have to manually type everything in by hand to get it to work - so irritating."
What's up with all these weird problems? In a word - Unicode. "But I only care about English. Isn't Unicode for those languages with lots of accents and symbols?" Unfortunately that's no longer an option as more and more systems are built to understand and process Unicode-formatted input / output. And it doesn't have to be a painful experience. In this talk James R. Small will show us how to stop treating everything as ASCII and instead learn how to deal with encodings. Join us for an introductory overview and let the Unicode healing begin.
Bio: James R. Small is a Senior Architect at a Tier 1 Telecommunications Company in their Consulting Group. He helps clients develop technology roadmaps and maximize the business value of their IT solutions. Specializing in large and global organizations, he has over 20 years in the industry. His experience includes teaching networking and security at Macomb Community College, presenting at a variety of user groups and major conferences including ILTA and appearing as a subject matter expert on the Packet Pushers podcast. He has worked for small, mid-size and large enterprises as both an employee and a consultant. When he's not immersed in research for his next project he enjoys running, watching his eldest's hockey games, his youngest dance, his wife's stories and traveling with his family.

What is the Internet of Things?
The Internet of things (IoT) is the inter-networking of physical devices. These can range from vehicles (also referred to as "connected devices" and "smart devices"), buildings, and other items. They usually have embedded electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data.
IoT is viewed as "the infrastructure of the future information society." IoT allows objects to be sensed or controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure. This creates opportunities for more direct integration of the physical world into computer based systems, and results in improved efficiency, accuracy, and economic benefit as well as reduced human intervention.
IoT is right now being aimed at power plants, smart homes, intelligent transportation and smart cities. Each "thing" is uniquely identifiable through its embedded computing system but is able to interoperate within the existing Internet infrastructure. Experts estimate that the IoT will consist of almost 50 billion objects by 2020.
This talk will also briefly cover areas often overlooked (sometimes deliberately) such as security, privacy and integrity.
About Sharan Kalwani:
A seasoned scientific, technical and computing professional, Sharan Kalwani has spent over 20+ years implementing many new and pioneering technologies from operating systems (*nix) , high performance computing (Cray, SGI, compute clusters), engineering applications (CAE simulations), optimization, networking (TCP/IP, Infiniband), operations (ITIL, ITSM), scientific domain (BioInformatics) and project management. A successful speaker and author, Sharan looks to increase the professional approach of every individual he interacts with. He enjoys teaching, contributing to STEM activities and publishing. He is a senior member of IEEE, ACM, Emeritus member of Michigan!/usgroup, and leads the SIG-Linux section of SEMCO. He is currently the Chair of the IEEE SE Michigan Education Society Chapter for 2017.
He is also a published author on the topic: "UNIX and TCP/IP Network Security" published by ProsoftTraining (ISBN: 9781581430219)
Plus we'll have our regular features: Jobs Looking for People, People Looking for Jobs, and much more! We'll also be meeting for dinner after the meeting (location TBD).
AUGUST 8TH, 2017 6:30 PM through 8:45 PM
23500 Liberty St, Farmington, MI 48335 United States
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